Kim Crayton, Community Engineer & Advocate

My amazing syster from Women who Code Atlanta, Kim Crayton. Kim is a Community Engineer and advocate for diversity, inclusion, and safe spaces in tech.

She has years of experience working with learners of all ages, skill level, and abilities and is now using her knowledge to develop technical people, ideas, organizations, and communities. She possesses a unique ability of being able to see the BIG picture while being a Community Engineer.

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Amazon Echo new features, Products and "Whole Foods"

This episode of Women Tech talk, my husband Michael and I go over the new calling features of the existing Amazon Echo devices as well as throw our opinions on the two new products Amazon has introduced to the market before Google or Apple had a chance to introduce any improvements or products during their conferences (Google I/O and Apples WWDC). Amazons new products are the Echo Look  a camera enabled device for fashion and the Echo Show that has a tablet size screen attached to it.   

We also put our two cents into the "Whole Foods" acquisition and what does it mean to the grocery market in the future. Whole Foods Market was acquired by Amazon June 16, 2017 at 13.7 billion dollars

Rebecca A. Colett of ChickTech & Viberide

Rebecca Colett is the lead for the Atlanta Chapter of ChickTech, that supports women and young girls with tech. 

I fell in love with Rebecca and all her energy and how she is using it to help young girls learn how to code. She is smart and amazing. I really hope you enjoy this podcast.

Ms. Rebecca Colett is a passionate individual from Detroit, Michigan. Currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia Enthusiastic about helping others live their healthiest lives she started a boutique fitness studio

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Apple WWDC 2017


This episode, we discuss the OS 11 changes and the few hardware changes Apple presented during their conference in San Jose California.  This was a different feel compared to the other Apple conferences and not just because it wasn't in San Francisco.  We mostly speak to our plus and minuses of what we saw and what we didn't see at the WWDC 2017 conference.

My Adventure to Google I/O 2017

This episode of Women Tech Talk we (me and my husband) review the highlights of my visit of Google I/O conference in Mountain View Ca.  I compares the previous year's conference to the current one and highlights the standout issues I experienced.

My husband and I break off topics comparing the other major players in their sector (Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Facebook) with the products and innovations that came out during this conference.

Ladies of Google I/O 2017

I'm at Google I/O and it my 2nd year coming and this year is my favorite of the two conference in Mountain View California.  Google I/O is the most diverse conference compare to Apple. I have met so many people from all over world and have build great relationship from this conference. So in saying that I talk to a few women about Google I/O and what do they think about the whole experience as well as mine.

Women Who Code Atlanta Millennium TechGirls


My beautiful ladies Adrianna and Kamilah they grow and learn so fast anyway I talked to 2 amazing strong young women Millennials about how it is being in the age of millennials in tech and the challenges they face in it. Also why they love WWCode and how they continue to try to find that job in tech after graduating from college.