Why I started Coffee, Women and Tech blog

The reason that I started the blog is because for several years people that I have met told me too many time to start a blog and I was like, I can’t write, I hate writing, I’m not good with grammar or spelling or anything to do with this writing thing.

At one of my jobs I even got written up almost fired just because of this grammar, spelling, writing thing so when I tried to explain why I don't write I would think that folks would totally understand where I was coming from.

My favorite t-shirt I am a true Nerd

My favorite t-shirt I am a true Nerd

NOPE!!! No one would take my side….HAHAHA!!!

So here I am doing it, doing the blogging thing…..SMDH!!!!

So if you want to check my spelling, grammar, punctuation well have fun cause I’m not going to make edits just because you see something wrong with my writing skills. Unless your like really, really close to me and can twist my arm….

So I am that nerd, that geek that love everything about being apart of technology. I love to code, I love helping my women who want to be a part of tech.

I love being a part of Women Who Code, changing women life, helping them get ahead find a better career.

Anyway this blog is going to be about the the true me, the honest me, the real me, the don’t hold back me so please enjoy and comment I want to hear your opinion…..please, for real.

I love this Apple commercial it goes back to 1997. This is me, this is how I see my self, my love for Apple goes way, way back.