Women Who Code Atlanta Millennium TechGirls


My beautiful ladies Adrianna and Kamilah they grow and learn so fast anyway I talked to 2 amazing strong young women Millennials about how it is being in the age of millennials in tech and the challenges they face in it. Also why they love WWCode and how they continue to try to find that job in tech after graduating from college.

Women of Ull Conf 2017

Came up with this idea while at the UllConf 2017 called Women of Ull 2017. Where I meet women from all over the world with amazing stories I asked them questions first how they got into tech and the second they had to choose.

This is my favorite tech conference by far and it in Ireland (YES!! for real). It all about people in tech telling there story and it was amazing. With all the love that was put into it was just so beautiful.

the view from my room.

the view from my room.