How I got to go to WWDC2015 -- Part 1 of 2

In 2015 I receive an email from Erica director of the Women Who Code Atlanta. She had asked if I was interested in going to WWDC15 on a scholarship and I said sure, Hell Yeah!!!. So I email Erica and Alaina (CEO of Women Who Code) and let them know that I was very interested in going to the WWDC15. After sending Apple everything they asked for about my app and that I had a iOS study group for women with Women who code. I was told by Alaina that there were only a few slots available I believe about 4 slots and 6 ladies had applied. So I was like no matter thanks for the opportunity, all they could do is say no to me and that was fine.

Several weeks past when I finally got told that I have been selected to go to the WWDC15 on a full scholarship. It was a dream come true, I was so excited. Even my husband couldn’t believe it. We watch every keynote going back some years when Steve Jobs was presenting.  
Daryl Lu and me at Atlanta Tech Village having coffee.  

Daryl Lu and me at Atlanta Tech Village having coffee.

Daryl Lu and me at Atlanta Tech Village having coffee.

So I told my mentor Daryl about me getting a full scholarship to the WWDC15 and how not too many women get to go and how I already have all my colorful outfit layout for my trip.

He was like why…..and I was like why not….then he remind me that I had an app to promote….and I'm like Yes I did and there go my idea for looking cute at the WWDC15.

The t-shirt that I send to all my special people that made my dream come true.

The t-shirt that I send to all my special people that made my dream come true.

He was like what you need to do is get several t-shirts and put something like "ask about the purple pocketbook" on the front promoting your app but I did something different on the back I put "Thank you WWC (Women Who Code) for getting a scholarship to the WWDC15". I then had my husband take pictures of me at the airport with the shirt on (yes my husband was with me he was not going go without him his dream too). While waiting for my plane to fly off to SF I email everybody that help me get the scholarship a picture of me in my t-shirt thanking them for making my dream come true.

So once we landed in SF (my first time) I was just so happy, I was in like in WOW!!! mode.

The next day I was invited to the scholarship party and my husband was able to attend which was really nice. We met people from all over the world at the party. While at the party I was in a session on teaching swift and once the session was finished I went looking for my husband which he was standing by two representatives from Apple who was looking for me. My husband explains that they wanted to highlight me at the keynote while waiting on line. I was like….
So I started telling them my story and my husband was like….
Babe….Babe…..I gotcha they already know…..I was so excited….I mean really really excited to have Apple give me some attention was so AWESOME!!!!

So I had to be on line at 5am in the morning. I was there at 5:30am (way too early for me) but they haven’t even gotten to me yet so that was good.  

Was so tired needed to wake up,
needed coffee,
way too early to stand on line (only for my new iPhone do I allow myself).
My husband knew I needed coffee and not just any coffee STARBUCKS!!! (cappuccino with an extra shot of espresso and it needed to burn my tongue HOT!!!).

So now I’m waiting on Photographer and my coffee. Apple photographer came by took my picture and I was like my husband wasn’t here he was still in Starbucks getting my coffee.

And here the picture that was taken at the WWDC15.......IT WAS AWESOME!!!


I was famous for the moment. Everybody at the WWDC15 knew who I was and I am still so thankful for all the special people who made my dream much love I feel so blessed. Thank you all...

PS.....Thanks to my barber Bell for keeping my haircut sharp....

If you find a problem with my spelling, grammar or punctuation thank you for checking but I don't give a SHIT!!!