Welcome to Coffee Women & Tech

Are you a Women in Tech...

It time for Atlanta to see what real women in tech look like and there stories.

If you are in women in tech in Atlanta and have a story to tell I am looking for you to tell me your story. I am looking for women and young girls from every aspect of life that live in Atlanta.

I want to know your dreams, your passion, your accomplishments and your struggles. I want us to see that as women we are all the same. I want to know how you made it in Atlanta in tech as a woman, as a young lady and why you haven’t giving up yet. I want to know the good, the bad and the ugly that you went through in tech here in Atlanta.

My main goal is to show that here in Atlanta there are so much woman talent in tech but we are over looked. I want to bring attention to women talent and hope to get them the opportunity in tech.

I always say that everybody have a story…..so I’m here to listen